Akashi Jun'ichiro
Gender Male
Status Alive
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Akashi Jun'ichiro (明石 純一郎, Akashi Jun'ichirou) is the father of Akashi Yasuto. He works as a policeman.

Kamisama no Iutoori NiEdit

The GamesEdit

Jun'ichiro investigates the games and interrogates the surviving participants, including Aoyama Senichi.

During Judgment Old MaidEdit

While Judgment Old Maid, the last of Acid Mana's games is taking place on the sky platform, Jun'ichiro is seen taking a ride on a truck. He has currently reunited with his ex-wife, a reporter, who is now driving the truck. Jun'ichiro, along with a rag-tag team of survivors, are surveilling the area around them and spot a running Takumi, who they rescue.


Jun'ichiro is a hard worker, as he keeps working on the case around God's Children ceaselessly. His former wife has left him. He shows a strong and positive personality when he saves Takumi from a demon, encouraging everyone to work and survive together.