Akimoto Christopher Kento
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Manga Chapter 8
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Akimoto Christopher Kento (秋本クリストファー健人, Akimoto Kurisutofā Kento), Kris for short, is from the Tokyo Metropolitan University Tendou Academy (3rd year) and was saved by Shun, Akimoto, Maeda and Shouko when they jumped a rope a hundred times all together. His dilikes filthiness and he knows Eiji since before the games. His father is American, but he speaks both Japanese and English.

Survival historyEdit


Kris in his doll form.

He survived the Daruma and Maneki-neko games, but was turned into a kokeshi at the hospital. However, he is saved and manages to get through the door and passes on to the next game.

While playing Shouben kouzou, he got angry with Oku Eiji and nearly got everyone killed, but luckily it wasn't their turn to pull the rope and were saved.

During the game he does the I'm burning up pose that will later become very popular when he debuts as a singer.

He is seen eating a lot during Urashima Tarou, and later on luckily survives the Un to be set free in the outside world.

Later on he doesn't want to go back inside the cube again to play undoukan, but his Boss tells him that he has many sponsors and has to go in. That saves him from his death, when everyone who didn't appear at the cubes dies.

In the Portrait of Hell, he met Akashi in the room of hatches. Despite him being one of the few who quickly 'finished' the room of hatches, he died alongside anyone else who completed the puzzle room's conditions to Akashi's surprise.