Amaya Takeru
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Manga Chapter 4
Image Gallery

Amaya Takeru (天谷 武, Amaya Takeru) first appears at the end of chapter 4, after killing all the remaining students of the Maneki-neko game with a katana apart from Shun and Akimoto.

Survival historyEdit

We don't know how he got to the second game, but he survives. After kissing Akimoto he attacks the police officers that come to get the remaining students, and ends up in a separate hospital room that is under surveillance.

However, when the kokeshi game starts, he kills (supposedly) the guards and escapes. He is seen later skipping a rope 7000 times and he beats up a kokeshi. He also attacks Kris, but Shun stops him, since they need seven people to be able to cross the door in the hospital ceiling. He saves Akimoto's life by grabbing her arm and pulling her up into the cube.

He saves the lives of everyone else from his group when he pulls the rope and wins the shouben cupid game, but that causes the other team to die. He stays awake the whole game waiting by the door for it to open.


Amaya waiting at the door during the Shouben game.

When Urashima Tarou appears, he goes with him to the castle and is seen sleeping. He is one of the lucky ones to survive the "Un" and returns to the outside world. He then kicks one of the people that come to pick them up on the roof of the cube, and steals a helicopter. While he leaves, he says to Shun "We'll meet like this again someday!".

Three months later, they are called back to play a second set of games. This time, however, they will meet up with people who have survived the previous games. During one of the games, Amaya, along with Shun, throw explosives at Kamimaro. Due to one of the rules about violence towards the god, Kamimaro spit out the explosives which injure both Amaya and Shun. They were thrown out of the cube.

Just in time, Ushimitsu was able to rescue both of them and take them to a nearby hospital. When Shun finally recovers, they are taken back to the cube and find a new game taking place. When the game finishes, Amaya and the others were picked to proceed to the "final" game, Judgment Old Maid. Amaya was the first one to complete the game, thus, becoming god #1.

Finally becoming god, Amaya starts by destroy earth. When Akashi and Ushimitsu came, Amaya starts the final game. Each one was given a dice and are to hit someone as many times as what has been rolled. But Each time hit, they will forget someone. Every time Amaya was hit, he could not forget Shun. He was distressed over this, and was willing to kill himself. He wasn't able to pick himself up before ten seconds. He finally forgets himself and dies with a smile.

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