Engacho is the kokeshi that turns people into kokeshi. He walks around the hospital asking the victims if they have any friends. He will then turn the person into a kokeshi, no matter the answer, unless the person is holding somebody's hand. If that's the case, he will then turn around cursing and saying that they are disgusting.

He has a rather scary face; eyes (with a strange pupil) very open looking at the ceiling, his mouth open and gritting his teeth... His face is full of what look like some sort of tattoo or face paint in lines. He also has the mark of a flower on his neck.

Engacho in Japanese cultureEdit

Engacho is a Japanese gesture that usually children might do when they touch or do something considered disgusting. It consists in making a circle with your hands by having your thumbs and index fingers touch each other. Somebody else will then make a cutting action and separate your fingers. By doing this, it is believed that the filth is gone.