Enokida Takumi
Gender Male
Image Gallery

Enokida Takumi (榎田 拓海, Enokida Takumi) is a NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) who lives alone with his mother. His father had died, passing down his inheritance to Takumi.

As he skipped school, he was "invited" by the Ninomiya Kinjirou Sentaku to the "Garbage Can". However, unwilling to leave his mother to fend for herself without anyone to take care of her, he refuses. The statue (surprisingly) is touched by his refusal and, deciding to let him sit out of the test for the "Trashes", wiped his memories of their conversation. This resulted in him being the only living student who did not follow the Ninomiya Kinjirou Sentaku to the "Garbage Can" and still live.

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