Hanna Felix
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Manga Chapter 118
Image Gallery

Hanna Felix (ハンナ・フェリックス, Han'na Ferikkusu) is a character Kamisama no Iutoori Ni.


Hanna is an upbeat, energetic, and very loud person, as seen in Chapter 118, when she provokes one payer by calling him a "dickhead." She can be rather rash as well.

Despite her reckless and daring behavior, she is a very caring and supportive person.


Hanna was a member of Milk Du Circus along with Jake.


Three Kingdom Cops and RobbersEdit

Hanna is one of the team mate of Akashi. In the game, she meets up with Natsumegu and helps free Akashi from the prison cell. She survives the game and makes it to Judgment Old Maid.

Judgment Old Maid Edit

In Judgment Old Maid, she was given the "Speak and Die" card. Because of this, she remained quiet during play. In one of her turns, the card she receives says "Speak of your dream." Instead of speaking of her dream, she gave her last words and says, "Don't be silly. Just live how you want to live!" With that statement, she is killed.

She still played a major part in the chapter after she dies, however. Her words were able to bring encouragement to the rest of the surviving players.

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