Hirai Shouko
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Manga Chapter 6
Image Gallery

Hirai Shouko (平井 翔子, Hirai Shōko) is saved by Shun after he guesses which kokeshi is standing behind him. She saves him in return by holding his hand when Engacho comes, so they end up being very good friends.

She's a first year from Ushio local all-girls school. She likes black tea. She also has a twin sister that appears later on.

Survival historyEdit

She survived the Daruma and Maneki-neko games, but was turned into a kokeshi at the hospital. However, she is saved by Shun and later decides to help him get the key to the door in the hospital ceiling by jumping the rope with him and another two people a hundred times. The other two people die though and they cannot get the key or stop jumping until they find two other people. Luckily, Maeda and Ichika come in time and the four manage to jump the rope together. They get the key and save the two kokeshi with the rope; Akimoto and Eiji. Now the six of them with the key have to find another person in order to be able to pass through the door because the key will only work if there are seven people.

Shouko as a Kokeshi doll.

They find Amaya, and after hesitating they all decide to work together and they manage to get through the door. They come out inside the cube that was in the roof and find themselves having to play tug of war, where the group that loses will be shot by cupid statues.

Maeda falls sick, Kris and Eiji are fighting and Ichika is angry, so they are nearly killed, but Shun manages to make everyone calm down. Their group gets to the last round, and when they think that it's their time to fight, Urashima Tarou appears and takes them to a castle, along with the other winning group.

All of them have fun in the castle and have a rest, but Tarou-san then makes them choose a stick out of a bowl. The ones who have a cross die, and the ones who have a circle live. Shouko is unlucky and she is killed along with Maeda, Eiji and Sanada's twin from the other surviving group.

She has a younger twin sister, Hirai Kyouko


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