Hoshikawa Mei
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Manga Chapter 7
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Hoshikawa Mei (星川 芽衣, Hoshikawa Mei) is a character introduced in Kamisama no Iutoori Ni, and becomes a noted member of Akashi's team and is best girl. She is a gifted artist, able to draw any of her comrades from memory.


Mei is a very forward girl, as seen when she allows Ushimitsu to grope her and gives Akashi a chance to do the same. While she doesn't take part in the action often, she makes a point to encourage her team and keep morals high.


Introduced in Chapter 7 when Akashi and Rui run into the school to hide from the Oni, she is saved when Akashi throws a bean at her Oni assailant and kills him.

Death Edit

She was bitten in half by the bear in Demon Extermination challenge.