Kikkawa Haruhiko
Age 17
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Manga Chapter 2
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Kikkawa Haruhiko (吉川 晴彦, Kikkawa Haruhiko) is a survivor from Daruma ga Koronda that appears in chapter 2. He is from class 2-D from Shun's school and also refuses to put on the mouse outfit while "fighting" the Maneki-neko.

He lost his birth father to an illness when he was three. Two years later, his mother remarried. He used to play horse with his new father. When he was 7, he understood the unfairness of the world. Basketball "enchanted him out of the blue without any reason" and he practised every day (especially his 3 point shots), but he was born with a short stature. He could play matches in the local junior high, but school's wouldn't acknowledge him only with his 3 point shots.

Though after that he decided to leave basketball, he tries to fit the cat's bell by throwing the bell into the hoop, but only to die when the Maneki-neko catches the ball and throws it back to him with much more force, the bell going straight through him.