Oku Eiji
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Manga Chapter 8
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Oku Eiji (奥 栄治, Oku Eiji), from the Tokyo Metropolitan University Tendou Academy (3rd year), was saved by Shun, Akimoto, Shouko and Maeda when they jumped a rope a hundred times all together. His hobby is bodybuilding and he knows Kris since before the games.

Survival historyEdit

He survived the Daruma and Maneki-neko games, but was turned into a kokeshi at the hospital. However, he is saved and manages to get through the door and passes on to the next game.

While playing Shouben kouzou, he gets very angry with Kris and they start fighting. This nearly causes the group to loose, but they manage to be the last ones standing. They are brought to a castle by Urashima Tarou and he has fun and eats and plays just like he is told. Unfortunately, he isn't one of the lucky ones and is killed by Tarou when he picks a stick with a cross on it out of a bowl Tarou offers.

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