Sand Dredging (すなとり, Sunatori) is one of the three options of the second Kamiculum game, Christmas Present. The game is arbitred by the See No Evil Monkey.


  • The 32 players divides into four groups, each will have a sand mountain with a flag on it. A maximum of 24 players will survive.
  • Each round, a player must try to take out sand of the mountain without knocking over the flag. The other players of the team cannot leave their seats, but can give indications.
  • The player must take 100 grams or more of sand; any less will result in death.
  • If the flag is knocked over, the entire team dies.
  • The chosen player will be blind-folded.


South MountainEdit

West MountainEdit

North MountainEdit

East MountainEdit

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