Tsuge Masami
Fkamisama no iutoori 002 - chapter 057 - page 016
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Manga Chapter 6
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Tsuge Masami (柘植 まさみ, Tsuge Masami) is a secondary character in Kamisama no Iutoori Ni. She has amazing eyesight and a heavy accent due to growing up in the mountains. She becomes an instrumental part of Akashi's group with her eyes and courage.


Tsuge is a very quiet person due to her disliking her accent, and so only speaks if it's something important. She is willing to take risks if it means a chance at survival, and she has proven to be a reliable member of her team.


Tsuge is first introduced in Chapter 6, but doesn't speak until Chapter 12. She is the only person who can see the Fifth Oni, until Akashi uses the peripheral vision he gained from soccer to see it. She plays a key role in baiting the Tiny Oni, pretending to be a couple with Akashi, hugging in the courtyard until the Oni came out. Tsuge spots it from 60 meters away, but Akashi waits until it's 3 meters away to run, leading the Oni into the science lab room. The two of them hide in the back room with the rest of Akashi's team, speaking to lure the Oni in. Since Fujiharu and Mitsuba duck taped all the windows and doors closed and hide the cracks, the Oni's only entrance was through a hole at the base of the door that Ushimitsu made with a screwdriver. When the Oni comes in, Kai crushes it with his hand-covered in bean powder that Mei and Rui made. Tsuge is seen celebrated as they clear the event.

Later on she joins the Cat's Cradle team along with Hara Kai and when Akashi and her meet she quickly hides some bruises on her arms. She is one of the most mistreated by Hara before he changes his attitude and asks for forgiveness.

After expressing her desire to make a peaceful world once she grows up, she is told to play paper-scissors-rock against Kami. This leads to a dignified death as she mantains a straight composure and refuses to play, showing that Kami is nothing but a cold killer other than a god.

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