Ushimitsu Kiyoshiro
Ushimitsu Kyoshirou Intro
Gender Male
Status Alive (God)
Manga Chapter 6
Image Gallery

Ushimitsu Kiyoshiro (丑三 清志郎, Ushimitsu Kiyoshirō) is the deuteragonist of Kamisama no Iutoori Ni , has grouped with Akashi since Harau Haru Harou and has romantic/protective feelings for him.


Similar to Amaya from the first season, Ushimitsu is a violent, intelligent, no holds barred man who will do whatever he can to survive. Introduced as a cutthroat character, he eventually develops into a more caring, teamwork-oriented player under the influence of Akashi, showing Akashi how to survive the Sand Digging game and becoming his most powerful ally in the Seven x Seven Mystery game.

As the story progresses, Ushimitsu warms up to those he meets, mostly because they are friends of Akashi, his love interest. He starts to break away from his violent self and starts to become more caring towards others.

Ushimitsu is smart, and most of the time, can tell what people are thinking. But despite being smart, he can be a bit clingy and immature, and it almost cost Akashi's life in the Sky-High Hopscotch.


First introduced in Chapter 6 as a menacing man working by himself. He shows interest in Rui, who is pulled away by Akashi. He next appears during the Harau Haru Harou game by saving Akashi from the Frost Oni and destroying it.

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